Why I'm fundraising for Perinatal Wellbeing Centre:

After the birth of our first child I was diagnosed with postnatal depression. The Perinatal Wellbeing Centre offered a safe place for me to explore this overwhelming experience and support as I prepared for the arrival of our second child. My mental health journey continues and it has shaped the person (both as a parent and as a professional) whom I have become. I am stronger, kinder and more compassionate as a result.

The link between exercise and improved mental health is well researched. In my career as a pelvic health physio I support people to achieve their fitness goals, which in turn can have a strong and positive impact on their mental health. I'm hosting this fundraiser as a way to support the connection between physical and mental health, and hope you'll show your support for new parents by joining in! 

More about Perinatal Wellbeing Centre: 

Perinatal Wellbeing Centre is an accredited mental health service, providing exceptional care and support to local families at the most vulnerable stage of their parenting journey. Perinatal Wellbeing Centre offers one to one mental health support via their Telephone Support Program, psychosocial support groups and educational opportunities to local parents and carers, as well as perinatal health professionals. Read more about the services provided by Perinatal Wellbeing Centre here.

Primarily funded by ACT Health, Perinatal Wellbeing Centre has met the requirements under the Mental Health Services Program with Quality Innovation Performance (QIP), assessed against the applicable National Standards for Mental Health Services. The organisation relies on the generous support of community members, local organisations and businesses to continue providing care and support in a sustainable and exceptional manner. 

Liz Kilby