Can we count on you to do your 'best' and bring some fun to lockdown? Inspired by the antics of Nailed It! we are challenging you, our supporters, to bake and/or donate funds to support the work of Perinatal Wellbeing Centre. Find an image of a cake you like, channel the spirit of Cake Off and create something suitably amazing - or hilarious. Then share it on your socials encouraging a generous donation to help Perinatal Wellbeing Centre provide care and support for families who are truly in need during this crisis.

(Find a helpful example above from our friend Amber Hutchison, her interpretation was delicious! Her inspiration photo is on the left, and her recreation on the right. We love it and had to share it!)

We were so sad that we had to postpone CakeOff to 2021. It is our largest and most beloved event that brings our community together and helps us raise much needed funds for our perinatal mental health services that make a big difference to families. However, postponing CakeOff 2020 will have a direct impact on our finances and will cause a strain our service capacity, especially with more families to help. Just so you know, this March we’ve seen a 44% increase in new clients! 

It’s just another example of the current situation being a little scary and difficult for all of us. But humour (and cake!) is a good recipe for hard times, and we hope you take up our challenge! Not surprisingly – we would love you to help out with a generous donation too!

Please participate and tag and share your attempts widely on your socials and on our Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/perinatalwellbeingcentre/), Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/perinatalwellbeingcentre/) and Twitter (@PerinatalW) platforms. Getting the word out there is key! Now of course, feel free to bake or donate, but we would love for you to choose both! We'll create a beautiful mosaic of cakes to brighten our days in isolation. So we can follow your beautiful creations better please use our hashtag: #CakedIt 

Let's keep the spirit of giving and CakeOff alive in 2020. Please consider donating to us today.

Here are some helpful tips to participate in our challenge:


All donations of $2 and over are tax deductible.