Board Vacancy - Expression Of Interest for Appointment to the Perinatal Wellbeing Centre Board

Candidate Information
The Perinatal Wellbeing Board seeks a balance of different backgrounds to bring greater rigour through diversity to our decision-making. We would therefore appreciate it if you would complete the following diversity information.
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Summary of Skills & Experience
Current membership of Committees/Directorships (i.e. Board memberships, committees, community groups)
Previous Committees/Directorships
Personal & Professional Attributes

Desired personal and professional attributes • The board is looking for people with a range of desirable attributes such as (in no particular order of priority): o strategic thinking; o business/commercial acumen; o curiosity—interest in probing further; o courage—preparedness to take on the hard issues in a respectful manner; o team player—accepting that governing is a ‘team sport’ not for lone wolves; o active listening—people who ‘listen to hear’ others and consider their viewpoints; o ability to ask insightful questions (rather than proffer all the answers); o skill in the art of constructive (rather than disagreeable) disagreement; o dedication to the task—people who take their board role seriously; o integrity (assessed by the regard that they are held in by others); o intelligence—able to read and analyse sometimes complex and technical information outside their own areas of experience; o availability—ability to put in the requisite amount of time; and o emotional intelligence—high level interpersonal skills based on an ability to understand and respect the variety of views around the table and to appreciate the influence of their own biases.

Career in summary
Skills & Experience the Perinatal Wellbeing Centre is looking for in its Board Members:

1. Skills • Some board members should at least have some formal qualifications or skills in the following: o governance; o finance/accounting skills; o information systems/data analysis; o business management; and o legal skills. • It is also desirable that one or more board members should have formal qualifications in health services research or delivery. 2. Experience • Some board members with a level of experience in some areas of general relevance, such as: o Not-for-profit, government or corporate executive experience; o development and oversight of information systems; o risk management o change management and organisational transformation; and o financial governance. • Some board members with a level of experience in areas of specific relevance such as: o advocacy and government relations; o fundraising; o communications and digital media; o mental health sector research and impact evaluation