Adjusting to life with a new baby brings unexpected challenges for most of us.

Changes to lifestyle, routine, family dynamics, finances, roles and identity are common in the perinatal period (during pregnancy and after the birth of a baby). The changes can be overwhelming and you might feel distressed or stuck. In these circumstances, thoughts and feelings are confronting and it is frightening to feel that you are facing them alone.

You are not alone

We are here to support you to find your way through the challenges and learn new ways to care for yourself and your family.

“It feels like you're lost in a garden and all the plants and trees keep growing and getting bigger, and shutting you out from the world. You know the world is still there, but you feel so disconnected from it…” Lucy  J.

Sometimes the changes we experience when having a baby leave us vulnerable to depression and anxiety. Click through to find out more about depression and anxiety in the perinatal period.