Due to the restrictions of COVID-19 we are currently offering groups via the telephone and through online platforms like zoom for clients. Our Facebook live streams are open to all; follow our Facebook page here.


Telephone Support Program- Clients receive regular scheduled therapeutic support calls with a mental health worker where they can debrief, develop strategies and work through factors that are impacting their mental health.

Baby & Me Yoga Group – This online group is open to all clients who have a non-mobile or just mobile baby that would like to playfully connect with their baby while moving through a series of yoga moves together. After yoga participants are welcome to hang around for a small group chat and catch up.

Wellbeing Yoga Group-  This online group is open to all clients who would like to focus on deep breathing and stretching through yoga which are both very effective for supporting your mental wellbeing. 

Antenatal Group-  This online group gives antenatal clients the opportunity to connect with other antenatal clients while working through discussion topics such as: expectations vs reality, helpful strategies, changes in relationships, hopes & concerns and ongoing support options.

Mini Day Support Group- This online group gives clients the opportunity to share how they are going while working through our regular Day Support Group discussion topics such as: unpacking ‘shoulds’, understanding your perfect storm, managing expectations and practicing self-care/self-compassion.

Check In Groups: These groups give clients the opportunity to share with each other how they are feeling and what’s been happening in their lives.

Facebook Live: These weekly Facebook Lives allow our mental health workers to share strategies, mindfulness techniques and information with our Facebook audience.