Volunteers play a vital role at Perinatal Wellbeing Centre; without the generous support of so many dedicated volunteers we would not be able to function as we do.  The roles of volunteers are many and varied but the most significant of them are:

Perinatal Wellbeing Centre provides free adjunct childcare during support groups so that mums can focus solely on themselves for a couple of hours in the knowledge that their children are being well cared for in the next-door room.  Our childcare is staffed by qualified leaders but volunteer childcare workers assist by ensuring that the ratio of carers to babies/toddlers is manageable.  With so many little babies requiring attention/feeding during the course of the group their help is very much appreciated.

Group support
Our group volunteers are a special breed; able to gently assist mums to allow their children to be dropped off in the childcare room, carrying babies back to mums for a feed, making mums a cuppa and sitting calmly and supportively in group. Their help is enormous.  They allow the group facilitator to concentrate wholly on the group without distraction and are a comfort to mums at all times.

We regularly receive administration assistance from volunteers for a variety of office tasks from paperwork and filing to IT support and covering library books. 

Specialist support
We have been grateful for the assistance of volunteers to assist with policy writing, preparation for accreditation under the National Standards for Mental Health Services, HR & legal advice.

Events are always time-consuming and the help of volunteers is vital in ensuring everything is 'alright on the night' - from printing labels and certificates to arranging table decorations. 

If you would like to talk about how you might be able to help us at Perinatal Wellbeing Centre please get in touch, we would love to hear from you.

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