When I first heard about the CakeOff back in 2017 it was just after they had completed the Women's Weekly Children's Birthday Cakes and I was enticed by the idea that I could get to design and make a cake and support a charity at the same time doing such good work for the community. So in 2018 I made The Big Footy, a two foot long AFL ball on a stick stuck in map of NSW and transported it the two hours to Canberra, and it made it in one piece. The following year I tackled the culture of Ireland, including sport, literature, music and landmarks, not to mention much easier to transport. COVID put a stop to last year, so this year I'm back and to represent the 90's, who better than Homer, not he of the Iliad, but he of the Simpsons. So if you want to see how a standing Homer eating a donut turns out, then you better get yourself some tickets for the CakeOff and head to Canberra on 15th August, or alternatively just donate to a great cause here and I'll post the pictures online. I'm working on the motto of 'if at first doesn't collapse, go ahead and make another one!'

Connor Macmurray