Canberra mother-of-three Hannah King has been caring for her five-week-old son Jackson as coronavirus sweeps the globe, "Being in isolation is quite difficult. I mean, we all plan for maternity leave and to have the time off, but we didn't plan to be stuck in a house with no visitors — no one to come and see your child". Knowing that other mothers with newborns might be less supported, and perhaps suffering from ante and postnatal anxiety and depression, Hannah had an idea to make care packages as a way to connect with them.

The Perinatal Wellbeing Centre, which has supported parents' mental health for nearly four decades, said the demand for its services recently had been "extraordinary to manage". 

Its chief executive, Yvonne Luxford, said many of the parents were new clients battling anxiety and depression, while caring for a new baby child with the backdrop of COVID-19.

"There's all these layers of restrictions that people are needing to deal with, which, of course, causes anxiety to increase," she said. 

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